1. Download required files:

2. Install python 2.7.9

3. Add Environmental Variable:

My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables
Find the PATH variable and click Edit
Add ;C:\Python27 to the end of that string

4. Install ncbi-blast-2.7.1+-win64.exe

5. Install clustalw-2.1-win.msi to the repository folder

6. Go to the following directory:

cd C:\Shared\miPFinder

7. Run:

C:\Python27\python.exe C:/Shared/miPFinder/miPFinder_v1.py -f "C:/Shared/miPFinder/cow.1.protein.faa" -B "C:\Program Files\NCBI\blast-2.7.1+\bin\\" -H "C:\Shared\hmmer\\"