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I created this website for a couple of different reasons:

  • One primary usage of this website is writing my notes, so I'm proudly using DokuWiki software because it helps me to focus on publishing and updating the content with the most negligible overhead. So, here you may find many articles about different subjects, from philosophical topics to configuring and installing a mail server. Some of them are available in English, and some of them are written in Farsi. I don't guarantee my content to have enough quality to get them used in your real projects. Even I don't keep them updated unless I need them once again.
  • Here, you may find a long list of my past responsibilities and experiences that may or may not be relevant to attracting you as a recruiter to hire me in your company or laboratory. In addition, It complements my resume by providing a portfolio and additional documents and details regarding the items mentioned there.
  • I have been teaching as an extracurricular instructor at different universities and companies, so I have a special section on my website for sharing materials and homework with my students. You can take some time to view the courseware on my website. This section is available mainly in English, but some parts are in Farsi.

Brief Introduction


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2019 - 2021
Shahid Beheshti University

Master of Science - MS

Major: Information Technology
Subdiscipline: Enterprise Architecture
GPA: 19.46 / 20 (1st Rank)
Supervisor: Dr. Sadegh Aliakbary
Thesis Title: Using empirical data to support technology selection in software architecture decision-making

Activities and Societies:
I coordinated with the executive team and workshop lecturers of the Third National Conference on Enterprise Architecture at the Sharif University of Technology. (Team Page in Conference Website)

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2012 - 2018
Sharif University of Technology

Bachelor of Science - BS

Major: Computer Engineering
Subdiscipline: Software Engineering

Activities and Societies:
I designed and implemented a website for the department magazine, which is named Rayanesh. This site is based on MediaWiki. I also wrote articles for Rayanesh. I initiated the Free Software Users Group as well. I was Sharif AI Challenge 2015 Technical Staff, and in this position, I built a QA website for the participant's questions about the competition. I also installed and configured its server for running contestants' submitted codes. Sharif AI Challenge is an International artificial intelligence competition held at SUT.

2008 - 2012
Mofid High School

High School Diploma

Major: Mathematics and Physics

2005 - 2008
Rouzbeh Cultural Institute

Middle School Education

Related Coursework

Grading in Iran is based on a 0 to 20 scale, so all grades in the below table are out of twenty.

Shahid Beheshti UniversityEnterprise ArchitectureGraduate20
Software ArchitectureGraduate20
Business Processes ReengineeringGraduate20
Decision Support SystemsGraduate20
Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing SystemsGraduate19.75
Advanced Software EngineeringGraduate19.5
Enterprise Resource PlanningGraduate19.5
Knowledge and Ontology EngineeringGraduate17
Sharif University of TechnologySoftware EngineeringUndergraduate17.7
System Analysis and DesignUndergraduate17.7
Information Technology EthicsUndergraduate20
Patterns in Software EngineeringGraduate14.7
Software Engineering LabUndergraduate20

Research Experience:

I am passionate about maintainability in code and application architecture because, as a long-time software developer, I see how the complexity of software gets out of control if we do not invest enough in its quality and use best practices and engineering methods from the beginning.

Research Interest Topic



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Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant (TA)

Advanced Software EngineeringShahid Beheshti UniversityFall 2021Dr. Fereidoon Shams Aliee-
System Analysis and DesignSharif University of TechnologyFall 2017Seyed Ebrahim AbtahiCourse Page
Spring 2017Seyed Ebrahim AbtahiCourse Page
Fall 2016Seyed Ebrahim AbtahiCourse Page (Archived)
Sharif University of Technology (International Campus)Spring 2017Dr. Mehraneh Shantiaei-
Advanced Programming in JavaSharif University of TechnologyFall 2015Dr. Salman MarvastiCourse Page (Archived)
Technical PresentationSharif University of Technology (International Campus)Fall 2014Dr. Ali Mohammad Afshin Hemmatyar-

Seminars & Lectures

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Software EngineeringRequirement Gathering, System Analysis, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Software Testing, Code Documentation, Software Licensing
PatternsGRASP, GoF Patterns, GoV Patterns, Refactoring Patterns, Reengineering Patterns, AntiPatterns, MV* Patterns
Version ControlGIT, GitLab, Git-Flow, SemVer
Software ModelingUML, Software Architectural Design, DFD, GANTT, PERT, EER Modeling
ProgrammingPython, Bash, Java Standard Edition, C++, SQL, Markdown, XML
WebDjango, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, PHP, Mezzanine, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, MediaWiki, DokuWiki
Data ScienceRecommender Systems, Ontology Engineering, Web Scraping
MethodologiesAgile Methodologies, Kanban, XP, Scrum, RUP
TypesettingLaTeX, XePersian, Libre Office, Google Docs, Overleaf
ToolsSelenium, Visual Paradigm, PyCharm, IntelliJ, Eclipse, YouTrack, Trello, Packet Tracer, Modelsim
GraphicsGimp, ‫‪Adobe‬‬ ‫‪Premiere
DevOpsAWS Services, Continous Delivery, Deploy on push
LinuxZimbra, Bind, Apache, Nginx, uWSGI, iptables, Fail2ban, CentOS, Ubuntu, PostgreSQL, Cloudflare
OrganizationalEnterprise Architecture, Business Process Reengineering, BPMN, Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)
Soft SkillsFinding solutions from the Internet, Teaching and presentation, Documentation, Discipline, and attention to detail
MiscellaneousCourt tennis, Movie review, Western philosophy, Free knowledge, Classical and Middle Eastern traditional music

Work Experience:

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Behestan Rayan Co.

Web Developer & Linux SysAdmin - 2012 - Present

Major: Information Technology
Subdiscipline: Enterprise Architecture


 Volunteer Experience:

I have been an active volunteer member in Free Knowledge Foundation for more than seven years, and in this position, I organized Software Freedom Day conference, which was held in 2013, 2015, and 2016 in Tehran. Read More


Cavendish College2010 Certificate in English As A Foreign Language

Issued in London, England. Official Website: http://cavendish.ac.uk/international/Iran.html

Free Software Projects:

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