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—- plugin —- description: author : S. M. Masoud Sadrnezhaad email : [email protected] type : syntax lastupdate : 2016-01-18 compatible : depends : conflicts : similar : tags : judge, plugins

downloadurl: # eg. http://github.com/smmsadrnezh/dokuwiki-plugin-judge/zipball/master bugtracker : # eg. http://github.com/smmsadrnezh/dokuwiki-plugin-judge/issues sourcerepo : # eg. http://github.com/smmsadrnezh/dokuwiki-plugin-judge/ donationurl:

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:!: I will complete this page and upload plugin code in next few days so please be patient.


[First, last and only chance to warn users before installing (some has already done that before reading this)]

1. create upload directory and set it in admin area

:!: External requirements: This plugin requires the following additional components that must be installed separately:

Install the plugin using the Plugin Manager and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.



See the plugin in action here. The sample page shows all the styles available with the plugin.

A simple box:

<box> the box contents </box>

Some more complex boxes

<box 80% round orange|a title> the box contents</box>
<box 50% left blue>the box contents</box|a caption>
<box 60% round #f99 #fc9 #fcc #f60|title>the box contents></box|caption>

[Pictures showing the rendered result will help users to understand]


[Complete syntax]

Basic syntax:

  • action can be one of this:
    • edit — edit/create/show
    • history — old revisions

Configuration and Settings

[also CSS style tips]


[downloadable blocks, development comments]

Change Log

[preferable GitHub RSS feed or similar]

  • 2009-01-01
    • Initial release

Known Bugs and Issues

[this section might not be needed in case of external bug manager, or use RSS feed]

ToDo/Wish List

[developers roadmap]


[discussions should ideally be deleted and turned into FAQ entries along the way]


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